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amecorpsesprit's Journal

Love's Just a Four Letter Word
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This is a private community for the lovely Kait and Moof, and those who have been invited, to read the lastest chapters of "Love is just A Four Letter Word" A Vampire RP. Started in spring 2005, with only 2 characters and no plot, the roleplay has grown, now incompassing 9 distint characters, artwork, music and more free-time than the creators knew they had. You may have heard me going on about this Roleplay, it's more then likely. Everyone knows about Tyn and Edvard, and Lysander and Kris. Everyone has lived with me babbling on about the beautiful artwork that Kait draws for it.

So, if you need something slashy to read, involving vampires, rent-boys, truelove and evil crazy men, go ahead and take a look, but remember, the site is under construction. Pictures and other bonus material will be posted soon.

My thanks to Kait, as well, who coped extremely well with my extremely horrible instructions on how to make a rich-text LJ post. She did in 10 minutes what took me 3 months to learn.

WARNING: This site contains graphic homosexual intercourse and continued homosexual relationships. If this is not your thing, please STEER CLEAR. To those who are interested, but do not wish to read graphic material, warnings are posted at the top before the chapter begins. If you thing the rating given is innapropriate, please make a comment and your concerns will be addressed.

Chapters so Far:

Chapter 1 - Meetings
Chapter 2 - Dante
Chapter 3 part 1 and part 2 - Hunt
Chapter 4 - Art Supplies
Chapter 5 - The Room At The Bottom Of The Stairs
Chapter 6 - Sir Elton John
Chapter 7 - Romanised Greek
Chapter 8 - Journey Home
Chapter 9 part 1 and part 2 - Truth Or Dare
Chapter 10 part 1 and part 2 - Kiss Of Life
Chapter 11 - New Beginings
Chapter 12 part 1,part 2 and part 3 - A Mother's Love
Chapter 13 - Never Met A Sick Vampire
Chapter 14 - Miroslav's Escape
Chapter 15 part 1 and part 2 - A First Unpleasent Visitation
Chapter 16 part 1 and part 2 - End Of An Era